The House XL in Slovenia by SoNo Arhitekti is situated right on the outskirts of a brand new residential neighborhood fitting enough for a family with seven members.  The area is filled with everything Slovenian urban in terms of landscape.  The concept of the home is made from two parallel volumes and a connecting volume placed perpendicular to the two.  All the volumes come in an elongated form with gable roofs that are symmetrical with the shortest volume extending to a roofed carport.  The basement is made with reinforced steel and the upper floor having cross laminated timber.

All the floor plans are utterly wide in spaces and constructed in three levels.  The living section is enclosed with big glas surfaces which open to the atrium that maintains the flow of interaction between the interior of the house and the nature that surrounds it.  The façade has big format panels and the connecting volume done lighter and the other two in darker shades of color.  The bigger glass surfaced are moved towards the inside and mixed with wood.

SoNo Arhitekti brings together a brand new generation of Slovenian architects to come up with top of the line architectural projects which emerge from a perfect mix of amazing design theories.

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