Timex pays tribute to the 30th anniversary of the timepiece used in the US Army in the 1980s with the Timex Camper MK1.  The timewear model was made to endure any kind of damage and it was issued to those in the US army, particularly in 1982.  Here we have the remastered edition of that classic Camper along with an extra strap and fitted with a watch holder set in army green.  The watch comes with a 36mm case along with a 12/24 hour dial, INDIGLO lume plus it is water resistance up to 50 meters.  Check out the Timex Camper MK1 via END. for $99.

Timex is a known brand for the manufacturing and marketing of truly groundbreaking timepieces around the world.  They started in 1854 and was established to have emerged to be one of the biggest watch makers in the entire globe.

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