The Eastern Spirit Garage team was able to come up with a beautiful and high performing Suzuki GS 550 Café Racer out of an old ride of the 1979 Suzuki GS 550E.  The motorbike is 35 years old and has gone through several repairs.  To come up with a vintage and sporty look, they made sure that they got the visual balance right, reshaped the tank and even made a traditional bum stop.

Its bodywork is just the cherry on top.  Underneath the beauty, they also had amazing technical features to boast of.

Every single bearing, cable, wire and gasket is new.  They also redid the carbs and came up with a fresh electric ignition.  Even the battery and the wiring harness are all fresh along with some suspension and brake upgrades.  The front springs were replaced plus the rear shocks swapped for a couple of Triumph Bonneville units.

It even has stainless steel exhaust muffler that was even made to order by a good pal, topped off with a dB killer insert. The bike now also has a new cockpit with all the clip-ons, the thinner watches and the upgraded controls.

To finish it all off of course is the beautiful and delicious looking blue and black scheme that perfectly match the neatly finned covers too.

Eastern Spirit is a group that has passion with designing and making motorcycles.  Their motorcycles are all exclusive while paying utmost importance to safety and functionality.

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